CITIGO 5-door Gallery
Design ŠKODA Citigo

​A distinctive new style is combined with already familiar design features to ensure the Citigo is unmistakably ŠKODA. From the exterior the Citigo is extremely deceptive. Clever ergonomic design ensures unbelievable interior spaciousness with comfort for front and rear seat passengers alike.​​

ŠKODA Citigo engines Manual and Automated transmission

Two engines: 1.0 MPI/44 kW and 1.0 MPI/55kW three cylinder were specifically designed for the ŠKODA Citigo model and are ideally suited to city driving. Both engines are offered with the Green tec version, which even further reduces CO2 emissions and make the car performance more economical.


The sophisticated engines offer an efficient and smooth driving experience.  They are quick and highly responsive all adding to the overall safety of the Citigo.


In addition to 5 speed manual we offer the option of a simple to use, low weight and long term reliable, 5 speed automated transmission. ​

ŠKODA Citigo panoramic sunroof

The electric panoramic sunroof and toned windows give lower light and heat transference optimising climate conditions for the passenger. The integrated windshield in the sunroof reduces wind noise and direct airflow to the interior. When not in use the sunroof is covered by a blind. Driving comfort is guaranteed.​

Citigo practical and entertaining PID

The PID Move & Fun - a multifunction portable GPS navigation with five-inch touch screen. Enjoy safe and relaxing driving. Using the 5 inch touch screen; plan your journey and ensure you arrive at your destination, use the bluetooth handsfree for safe telephone calls, control the radio and music system. Meanwhile the PID is monitoring all the cars functions from the Citigo onboard computer. The PID Move & Fun is integrated with the cars other electronic systems and offers functions not provided by standard navigation devices. Truly mobile it can be removed from its built in holder while the car is not being used.​

City Safe Driving in the ŠKODA Citigo

The City Safe Drive system with emergency braking is the most technically advanced feature for safe urban driving. The CV (Closing Velocity) sensor monitors traffic up to 10 metres in front of the vehicle. This part of the system is cleverly located in the upper part of the windscreen. If the driver fails to react in time to a vehicle that has come to an abrupt stop, the City Safe Drive System prepares the brakes for emergency braking action. Thereafter it will commence automatic braking with maximum intensity until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. This system activates at speeds lower than 30 km/h.​

Getting in, getting out of the ŠKODA Citigo - easy

The Easy Entry System is a simple folding and shifting mechanism for the front seats designed by ŠKODA. It makes getting in and out very comfortable for passengers especially for the three door model.​

ŠKODA Citigo photograph holder

The photograph holder on the dashboard can be used to carry a picture of your favourite passenger every time you drive! Even more importantly. It is designed to carry important documentation that may be required while driving. ​